Therapeutic reading

One of my strongest beliefs is that reading is a wonderful way to increase happiness, stimulate the brain and improve your general well-being. Below is a list of the books I find most therapeutic when feeling low and needing a boost. I will add to this list as I come across more sensational reads.

blonde woman relaxing with book on balcony

Fiction Books

Harry Potter Series – I know, I know pretty obvious and I am sure most of you have read them already but nothing gets you out of your own head and immersed in a fantasy world quicker than JK Rowling’s wonderful books.

Game of Thrones – While the TV series has taken the world by storm, the book series is even more entrancing.

The Beach- A wonderful book that will draw you in immediately and leave you hooked. Much more interesting and with a greater ending than the movie that was inspired by this book.

Little Fires Everywhere – Celeste Ng’s follow-up to Everything I Never Told you is a wonderful tale about a couple who adopt an Asian-American infant and the struggle that ensues once her birth mother arrives to challenge the adoption.

Gone Girl- Wonderfully written and frightening in its content, this superb book became a hit movie. Yet the book is better and will have you binge-reading until completion.

blonde woman reading book in park

Non-Fiction Books

Tiny Beautiful Things – A book that has collected many letters written to Sugar, the advice columnist of Rumpus. Written with humor and insight this is a terrific read for those who enjoy reading advice columns in the doctor’s waiting room.

Eat Pray Love – my go-to book when looking for the inspiration to change and get inspired. Elizabeth Gilbert’s book has altered the lives of millions and will likely do the same for you as well.

The Glass Castle- A great memoir that delves deep into the life of Jeannette Walls. It brilliantly demonstrates the destructive force that alcoholism can cause in the family setting. A sad yet astonishing tale that will leave a lasting impact.

Into the Wild- The true story of Christopher McCandless who left a well-off, comfortable life to journey into the wilderness. The brilliantly written book is tragic in its tale but wonderfully mesmerizing at the same time.  

The Diary of a Young Girl- Anne Frank’s diary the way that she wrote it. An enduring document from the 20th century, this famous diary gives first-hand insight into the worst time in the world’s history. The most amazing thing to take away from this book is despite the ordeal that she was living she remained very human and very identifiable throughout. Tragic yet inspiring.