About OhMessyLife

Hello, my name is Logan and welcome to my blog! I am a 27-year-old female living on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

A brief history of me

blonde woman running along beach

I was born in Brisbane but moved to the Gold Coast with my mum when I was just 7 following her divorce from my father. To this day, I have not seen my father since. I was not the best kid in the world. I had trouble making friends and the ones that I did make were not really the kind you’d want your kids hanging out with. I was a terrible student until the age of 15 and dealt with anxiety and depression throughout my high school years. I was often in trouble with the local coppers and my relationship with my mum suffered as a result.

It was only when I reached the latter stages of my teenage years that I started to get my act together. I dumped my toxic friends, found myself a boyfriend and developed an intense interest in healthy diet and exercise. This new lease on life equipped me with a bachelor’s degree in health sciences, and a full-time job with Queensland Health.

Healthy living and exercise not only gave me something to focus on but it gave me a ticket to a better life. It is this outcome that has led me to the creation of this blog, one that I hope will lead others to change the way they live their lives for the better.

What I hope OhMessyLife will do for you

The creation of this lifestyle blog is for those needing help and advice on how to clean up their lives. Whether struggling with mental health issues, drug addiction or simply looking to live a healthier existence, I hope the website will give you handy information on ways you can start living a better existence.

My belief is that all issues that we deal with in life can be made a little less damaging if we incorporate a cleaner diet and an exercise regime. This will boost confidence, happiness, and general well-being. Additionally, I strongly believe that reading books increases happiness (and there is scientific evidence to back this up) and that is why I will provide recommendations and reviews on books that have helped me in my life.

I hope you benefit from the articles posted on this website. If the advice you receive can help you on your path to a cleaner, happier and healthier existence then my job here will have been done.