What makes being a sports fan so life and death

sports fan

We all know that how passionate sports can make you feel, we all know that one sports fan around us whose life depends on sports and no other things that replace that.

Many people wonder what it takes to be a true sports fan and what things fascinate them so much that they are almost willing to sacrifice their lives for the love for sports.

What it takes to be a true sports fan:

  • You dedicate your time for the sports that are paying you nothing
  • You stay loyal to your team in their low and high, you stick to their side like a family.
  • You sacrifice many relations for your love of sports
  • You develop many new relations because of the same passion

That adrenaline rush:

For most of the sports fans if gives them an immense feeling of pleasure that their team is performing well and


Sports is an escape from the boring world, where you are expected to keep your volume low and stay soft. Watching sports is a time when you feel the escape from the real world and live a few moments in your fantasy.

The drama:

One of the most remarkable thing about most of the sports is their unpredictability, the drama involved in the play is enough to excite people.

sports fan

Family bonding:

Sport is one thing that can help you stay connected with the whole family, all the generations of the family can sit together and enjoy the match.  


Most of the time its not about who wins or who loses, it’s about the pride of fans, pride of people and pride of the nation. It’s more than just a game for a fan.

Connects people:

Only a true fan can understand this; when you meet another sports fan and you discuss about things that happened 10 years ago. Sports is a communication starter and it creates a stronger bond.

Remembering those glory days:

Most of the sports fan became a fan because of their passion towards the sports, due to many reasons they were required to left their sport and they ultimately find the mirror image of their glory day in the players of the team.

Experience the Freedom:

Many people are passionate about the sports because it works as a bridge between the real life and a superficial life of the fan. Supporting a favorite team is like fighting a war, you forget everything and you live at the moment.