Free camping sites in Victoria that are well worth a visit!

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If you are looking for free camping in Victoria, Australia, trust me you will be spoilt for choice. This place has some of the best campgrounds to choose from.

The thing with Victoria is that there are hundreds of camping sites. Whatever you have planned for your camping trip, you can get it here. Hiking, water sports, biking… You will get to enjoy all these and more.

Best places to camp for free in Victoria

Andersons Garden in Mt Disappointment State Park

If you are an adventurous person who loves the outdoors, then you gotta check out this campground. It is packed with activities you can enjoy the moment you get there. Mountain biking, hiking, horse riding… even four-wheel driving. Plus while here you can have some fun with your friends like drinking around fireplaces or even setting up some barbeques. You will, however, be required to carry your own wood and water.

Ada River free camping in Victoria

This campground is located near the Errinundra National Park. They have grassy camping spots along the river so you get to enjoy that cool calmness that rivers bring. You can take a dip in the river whenever you want. Because of the gum trees, the place provides some well-deserved shade so the temperatures here are cool.

Being at the tain forest, its a great place to just relax as you listen to birds chirping away. They also have fireplaces, picnic tables and barbrques. One plus id that you don’t need to book in advance.

Blue Pool 

Located in Briagolong State Forest is the Blue pool campground. It is also another shady campsite located near the Blue Pool whimming hole. So if you want to camp and enjoy swimming in fresh water, then head on here. Another activity you can enjoy isare hiking.

Much as you can have fireplavves, you need to watch out for areas that have restrictions. Also, remember to bring your own water.

Sheepyard flat

This is situated in Howqua Hills Historic. Its great for fishing and relaxing. You can also do some booshwaking. Its a great place to enjoy free camping in Victoria