Best First Date Options

First date suggestion

Going on a first date is always gonna crucial event. It’s a time when you put your first impression and you want to make sure that you portray your personality right. 

The first date is the stepping stone of a relationship; it’s when you determine whether the person you are dating is an ideal person or just a time waste.

Today we will be talking about the exciting and more realistic date options that you can choose instead of choosing for the stereotypical options that we all have been seeing in movies since decades.

 Our society has moved ahead of the time when the first date was all about the endless cycle of grabbing drinks or visiting some fancy restaurants, this generation believes in showing the real character instead of portraying themselves as perfect.

Stop acting stereotypical:

In a world full of stereotypes, there should not be much space for stereotypes at least when it comes to dating someone. You don’t need to follow someone else’s footprint to mark your date successful.

This is a time you should plan something interesting and something that can unleash the true character of your date. Formal dinners are too mainstream and people get prepared themselves on how to fake themselves, but once you put them in different situations then you come to know about their true character.

Like for me, being a fitness and wellness coach I always want my partner to be active and have a good amount of fitness, so instead of opting for a dinner date, I call them for an outdoor date or hiking date. This option works wonders for me because I could see his mental and physical endurance, additionally, outdoor dater are much more fun and any traditional date idea. 

Do some homework

Knowing what your date likes and infusing that idea into your date can work great to put your first impression. Any kind of pre-date homework will get the recognition and surely the appreciation.

Doing proper homework can give your date a sense of care, attention, and affection. Nothing else can be greater turn-on than a date putting in some hard work to make your date partner.

Three-course meal

The three-course meal is a great date idea for foodies, benefits of three-course meals are:

  • You will be spending a lot of time with your date.
  • You will be getting an idea about person’s taste.
  • A three-course meal can be a wonderful experience and no one can fake for a whole day so you can expect to see his/her real nature.


Do something exciting

Instead of booking a restaurant table you can plan something exciting, like going to a painting class or a swing dancing class or a hiking trip or a plan for Go-Karting and paintball events.

A group of researchers performed a study on the psychology of human being to know when the enjoyed their date more, the research found that volunteers who went on an exciting date were more like to date each other again in comparison to couples who went on a traditional date.

The reason why the something different dates were more successful than those traditional date style?

  • Couples were less judgmental and were more into enjoying the moment.
  • They were expressing their true character
  • Traditional dates were more into having food, Q&A sessions and judging each other.