How You Can Exercise Effectively In Your House Without Using A Home Gym

Home Gym

Can home workout really be effective?

Exercising is always going to be effective, it’s always more effective than doing nothing. For those who always complain about no time to workout or who feel intimidated by the buffed dudes at the gym, the home workout is the best solution to stay fit.

Of course, trying to lift yourself with your body weight is going to be helpful and will surely boost your confidence to stay regular with your workout regime. Today we will be discussing everything about home gym work out from the workout routines to the best bodyweight exercises you can practice at home.

Benefits of workout at home gym

  • You don’t actually need heavy equipment to create a home gym, it can be just you and your body.
  • A home gym is economical.
  • It will make you look better.
  • You can practice workout with your partner at your home gym without bothering about other people watching.
  • Will boost your confidence level and will help you gain better body posture.
  • Will help in generating body strength and body toning.
  • You will be able to perform better in bed.
  • Will help you with fighting many modern lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart problem, stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Home Gym

Best exercises for home

Lower body

Squats: bodyweight squat is the best exercise to boost testosterone and strengthen your legs, legs are the foundation of body and foundation needs to be the strongest.

Lunges: lunges helps in developing more sprinting power and the overall development of blasting power.

Jumping squat: if squatting is too easy for you and you can perform 4-5 sets of 50 squats easily then it’s time to upgrade yourself to jumping squat, it will require more intensity and better legs development.

High jumps: if you are trying to develop the bursting power into your body and boost up your testosterone levels then practicing high jumps at home is the best solution.

Wall squat: wall squat is an isometric style workout which requires you to take squat and support your back with the wall, it is one of the best exercise o achieve lower body muscle fibers maturity.

Upper body

Pull-ups: you don’t need many different fancy exercises to develop intense upper body strength, Pull-up is a compound movement that can help in the development of latissimus dorsi, trapezius, Rear deltoids, arms, and forearms. This single exercise is enough to develop great upper body’s adduction movement or pulling strength.

Push-ups: pushup is an incredible movement that helps in strengthening your chest muscle group (Pectoralis major), anterior deltoids, triceps, and core as well. This single movement helps in developing body’s strength in generating vertical abduction movement or pushing strength.

Body rows: body row is a great exercise to complement your Pull-ups, you can include this exercise to develop bigger back muscles.


Mountain climber: great exercise to train your abdominal, works great in conditioning your core.

Plank: one of my favorite exercise to loosed your stubborn belly fat and helps in strengthening core muscle groups.

Burpees: helps in the development of overall body strength, it especially assists in developing greater cardiovascular strength. Burpees is one of the best exercises to shred fat and boost your metabolic rate.

Home gym

How to implement these workouts:Don’t practice all the workouts every single day.

# Define a day for legs development and another day for upper body development.

# You can infuse the plank with the upper body workout and burpees with the lower body workout.

# Practicing these workout will gradually make you stronger and will help in shredding the excess fat.

# You can opt for bodyweight exercise circuits to have better results. 

# Refer to our articles on eating organic and clean to help you reduce weight with a faster pace.