Healthy Options To Have While Dating In Melbourne

Dating in Melbourne

Melbourne is Australia’s second largest metropolitan city and tops the list of world’s most livable city. So with the tag of world’s most livable city, you can assume to have access to everything you want.  

So rather than spending an evening with your date and consuming the humongous amount of calories and unhealthy trans fat, you have decided to put the unhealthy options aside and decided to consume something fresh, nutritious and healthy.

Sticking to a healthy meal plan is not so easy and you need to pre-plan everything if you are trying to plan your date in a healthy manner without spoiling your clean eating resolution.

Let’s discuss the best dating in Melbourne ideas where you can eat healthily and do not require to break your fitness resolution.  

Choose a Restaurant Who Serves Healthy Food.

One of the best effects of dating is Melbourne is this living city has everything that your demand.  There is nothing that Melbourne can’t offer, in many cities you might not be able to grab a healthy bite from restaurants but you can make this possible in thing incredible city.

For a healthy and nutritious date choose a restaurant that has a reputation of delivering healthy food, you can go to “Veggie Bar” they offer best vegetarian dishes, “Yong Green Food” is famous for their low sodium and gluten-free food, “SubWay” best known for their low calorie and natural food.

Go To A Market

One of the best ways to ensure consumption of healthy food is to visit market together and cook together.

Cooking at home is a great way to spend some quality time and understanding the likes and dislikes, you can also judge your date’s cooking capabilities. Nothing can be healthier combination than home cooked food and a bottle of exotic wine.

Opt For Dancing

Do you know how many calories you can burn while dancing? An average person can burn 400-500 calories in an hour of dancing.

Additionally, dancing also helps in creating a bond in a fun way.

Joining a dancing class together is a romantic way to spend time together and also useful in burning hell lot of calories. Joining a swing dancing class can be the best dance option for a couple, it’s an intimate dance style that you can also do at home once you learn the basics.

Dating in Melbourne

Wine And Chocolate

Is there any better combination than a wine and chocolate? Of course, we are talking about red wine when it comes to combining it with chocolate.

Here are some of the great options to select from when it comes to having Wine and chocolate restaurants while dating in Melbourne

  • Pure South- they are my personal favorite, they feature best of the Tasmanian products. They have best wine and chocolate combinations to serve.
  • Merricks Creek Winery- they provide one of the best winery experience in Melbourne.
  • House of Food and Wine- Desserts are a strong performer at this restaurant. French red wine and the best of chocolate and classic desserts is a guilty pleasure

Go Out Of Town

When you are trying to figure out the best combination of perfect date and eating healthy then nothing can beat the idea of going out of town. Here are some of the ideas you can implement to make things perfect for you.

  • Bayside Coastal Trails: enjoy some fresh air with hand in hand walk on the Bayside coastal trail, this is a 17 Km long stretch that can help in burning lot of calorie and spend quality time with each other.
  • 1000 Steps Walk: One of the most popular track on the weekends, expect many people joining you for this 1000 steps walk. This is a healthy way to spend your time with some physical exercise as well. The train is quite peaceful and feels quite rewarding after complete the 1000 steps trail traveling through the dense forest.
  • Foreshore Trail: cover the best of the bay area in just a few hours, it’s an 11 km long train which starts from port of Melbourne to the Elwood park. This train runs along the foreshore, which means a lot of opportunity for great pictures and beautiful view with some fresh air.
  • Royal Park: when you don’t want to go far but you still want to experience the peace. While admiring the natural beauty, hearing occasional animal noise from the zoo, doing bird photography. There is a lot to do at this park.