Cooking Your Family The Perfect Organic Feast At Home

organic feast

What is clean eating?

Eating clean is not a short-term; it’s a lifestyle that you have to choose.

Clean eating is not a diet, it’s an eating pattern that you infuse into your lifestyle.

First of all, let me declare this, it’s not going to be easy and your family is not going to like this change, but if you are clear about your family’s health then you will make it possible.

What is an Organic feast?

Basically, organic food refers to the food produced and processed without any use of external chemical compounds. Feasting on organic food is a recent fitness industry trend due to the increased use of chemicals and pesticides, these products have bad effects on the body in long term.

How eating Organic is connected to eating healthy?

Pesticide reduction: Pesticides are the harsh chemicals that are used to protect the crop from bugs and insects. Although using pesticides make the work easy for the food item producers but these chemicals can prove to be very bad on long-term human health.

Immune system: genetic modification of the crops and animals are done on a very vast scale, due to the increase in the demand and demand for better and healthier crops, these crops are being genetically modified to provide the best results, although there aren’t many studies going on the long-term effects of genetic modification of the food items, they are proving to be very

Antibiotic resistance: Antibiotics is a medicine that kills bacteria, the animal you are eating on the daily basis are given growth hormones and antibiotics for their fast growth and prevent diseases. And when you consume these animals on daily basis some part of antibiotics is definitely going into your body as well.

Effect of these antibiotics is the bacteria have started developing resistance towards those antibiotics which means those bacteria have immune themselves from those medicines which are making it hard for your doctor to cure your disease. In some cases disease gets incurable, and this is a very bad news for you.   

organic feast

Perks Of Clean Eating

# Protect yourself from obesity.

# Fewer chances of diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, etc.

# Feel energetic

# Glowing skin

# Better digestion

# You will live longer

# You will be better in bed

# Stay stronger with better immune system

# You will be Happier

Tips To Eat Clean And Healthy:

You can’t control everything in your life, but you can control that you put into your body.

Keep It Simple

The best thing about eating clean is that you need to keep it very simple. Don’t get into technicality, don’t need to start counting the micro and macro nutrients of the food you are eating. No need to keep eye on calorie or fat content.
how to keep your meal simple-

# Include some raw veggies

# Only eat what you can pronounce, don’t get yourself trapped into market sales strategies.

# Include some fruits (whatever you like)

Avoid Processed Food

No 1 reason, why processed food is bad?

They contain a high amount of unhealthy fats, high in sodium and simple carbohydrates.

Most of the processed food tends to lose their fibers and their nutrition values. Processed food has been linked to many diseases like obesity, inflammation and heart diseases.

The high sodium content of processed food results in chances of heart diseases.

organic feast

Avoid Sugar

Many studies have considered sugar as bad as alcoholism and smoking, the reason is the number of diseases caused because of excess consumption of sugar.

Sugar is making you prone to Type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, etc.

Try using sugar alternatives like Xylitol or Agar agar, these are the natural products that contain low calories but works wonders to be proven as a great alternative to sugar. 

Go For Organic Feast.

Going organic is the best thing you can do you your family.

By going organic you can protect your family from harmful effects of pesticides and develop a tolerance for any antibiotics.

For example, farmers spray more than advised pesticides to make sure that the crop is not destroyed by bugs or insects, fruits are getting matured before their time by injecting some comical compound in them, retailers are injecting a red color substance to make watermelon red from inside. This food industry is more include towards good looking product instead of quality product, and opting for organic food is the best option available.

Organic feast also contains better nutrition values as well.