5 signs that he is not the guy for you

pile of dirty dishes


G’day ladies. I recently went through a breakup and just had to put pen to paper to try and help others avoid the same pitfalls. Turns out the signs were pretty, bloody obvious with this one. So here it is, if you see these signs, pack up your shit and run! You don’t want to end up with a bad boyfriend.

He has a clean-up-after-me mindset

pile of dirty dishes

You get home from work and he greets you nicely enough but it turns out on his day off to watch the footy he has amassed a giant collection of dirty dishes just sitting in the sink. The vacuum is out but unused and after asking him if he’d help out by washing the shower his response is to ask, “what do you actually use to clean the shower?” I mean it sounds obvious, but this kind of stuff can creep up on you. Watch out for his uselessness around the house because it is only going to get worse the more lovestruck you become!

The guy is self-absorbed

cartoon man looking in mirror

This one is easy to spot. Say you’ve had issues at work or with a sibling and are in the midst of getting it all off your chest. Yet, within seconds the conversation has turned to him and his problems, or worse still he has pulled out the phone and is scrolling away on Instagram. Get lost!

Also look out for a fight over the mirror when you are getting ready to go out to dinner. If he is spending more time getting ready than you are, then this can’t be anything but bad.


Unresponsive on mobile

woman waiting for phone to ring


It’s just pure common decency really ladies. I mean whether it’s your partner or a good friend you should be fucking responding to texts and calls. It’s not that hard, in fact, it’s polite. If your guy is lame on the replies then beware, could just be a complete and utter tool and unlikely to communicate when the going gets rough.

Introverted to the extreme

man intently watching tv


There is nothing wrong with introversion. In fact, there is often nothing better than a quiet night at home. But when your man is insistent on staying home instead of going out with you and meeting your friends then this is no good. A good test? When was the last time he arranged a fun activity? A kayaking trip down the river? A bike ride along a lengthy trail? A picnic in the park? If the answer is never, you got yourself a boring one honey.



 He is made of tin


robot hugging love heart


Have you ever had a bust-up with a guy and ended up wondering if he even feels? You scream in his face and get nothing but a blank expression and no sign of intelligent life hidden behind those gorgeous blue eyes? Well, I hate to tell you, but you might just be dating a robot. And don’t fall for the crying, this is just a natural response when unsure what to do. You want an actual sign of emotion that comes from the mouth. If the guy’s response is just to cry while you stand and await an answer to come forth then he’s likely an advanced form of crying android. Ditch him and don’t look back!